Timber is for you

If you can hear the work that went into your favorite podcasts, Timber is for you.

If you can imagine the path laid out before you when you start something new, Timber is for you.

If you write to clarify your thoughts, Timber is for you.

And that’s what I’m doing. I’m writing through this process of building a company. Please join me.


Will you join me? That’s my one job. To convince you to join me. Whether you’re a potential employee, a partner, a freelancer, a customer, building a company is about building a community. The community could be entirely transactional or it could be built on more. As we build Timber we’re aiming for the latter. We got into software because of how it makes us feel, we got into podcasts because of how they make us feel. So together we’re building something that we hope can amplify that feeling that we love and share it with more people. That feeling comes from effort, planning, and showing up. Those values will be in everything we build and everything we sell.