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Welcome to the #vanlife of podcasting publications

I’m Jon Christensen, I live in the mountains of Colorado, and I’ve spent the past 14 years building a software consulting company called Kelsus. We make software for startups, and last time I counted, I’ve been deeply involved in creating the products of 39 startups in the past 20 years.

So I think a lot about products, startups, and how to make them work. I think about it so much I couldn’t help but start a new one—Timber. My cofounder Chris Hickman and I made a podcast called Mobycast about software development for a few years, and along the way we came to believe we had something to contribute to the software side of the podcasting world.

Timber is in the process of becoming a podcasting software company, and we’re starting by building a community. We’ve already got incredible stories about podcasting on our main site at, so you can think of this newsletter as the Substack-era equivalent of a much more personal cofounder blog.

I’ve written about what Steve Jobs would do with podcasting, how Andreessen Horowitz is trying to push creative work into platforms it has substantial stakes in, and how to avoid toxic workplace culture. But I’ll sometimes just tell a fun story like the time I was interviewed by Leslie Stahl.

Now and then I also give a little update on how our podcasting software company is doing. I’d love it if you subscribed with an intent to get to know me and make a real connection.

See you down the road.

—Jon Christensen

ps. This newsletter is free. I haven’t even turned on the money part and don’t intend to.

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