What is Timber even doing?

I mean how are we even a business?

First thank you so much for joining me and reading these. I’ve written more newsletter drafts than I care to admit because writing isn’t easy, but it’s really gratifying and fills me with pride to see the views (sub)stack up.

This particular edition of the newsletter is going to tiptoe into self-promotional territory. (heavily occupied newsletter territory)

So what in the world are Chris and I even doing? We’ve published over 50 stories, and tbh paid writers pretty well, and we’re not even advertising on our site. So far, we have the worst business model ever. We’re also not about to pop out and be like “haha see we’re silicon valley venture capital funded sharks!”

Basically we’re trying to build a community anchored around a soon-to-be-released product. The product? Podcast hosting. We’ll join the ranks of Libsyn, Buzzsprout, Transistor, Anchor and others.

How is this even sexy, Jon?

Because we can make a virtuous circle and those are business-sexy. A publication with really ambitious writing about podcasting subsisting on the profits from a podcast hosting platform that’s focused on craft and supporting high-effort, high-value shows. And if we succeed at drawing in these types of shows, we’ll inspire more writing and the circle is complete.

You’re invited to join our beta. It’ll start maybe end of January-ishhh? Whatdya think, Chris?

We’ll be offering the first 100 customers a significant discount for being willing to dive in head first with us.

Here’s a signup form for beta customers.

Join the beta list

See you next Thursday!

—Jon Christensen