This is the Timber Newsletter

If you’ve found your way here directly, please check out our publication for podcast addicts at This newsletter is less polished—a place for me, a non-professional writer, to write without dragging the rest of the publication down with me.

The main theme on my mind is Creating. Creating with a capital “C” as in putting in the work to make something great as opposed to creating for the sake of mass production. This theme is central in everything we’re doing at Timber, and it’s here that I’ll be applying this thinking to both our work and the work of the wider podcasting world.

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about what I’ve learned from editing and publishing stories for our publication, about what we’re learning from making beautiful software for our hosting company, and about how the overall podcast industry flexes and creaks when examined from the point of view of quality and putting in the hard work.

Thank you for being here! This newsletter will stay free because at Timber we’re trying to make money with great software not selling newsletters (sorry Substack). As my grandmother used to stay when I arrived at her house after elementary school, “Take off yer coat and stay awhile!”

—Jon Christensen