How to grow your social media following the hard way

A technique that works for getting followers that are likely to want to hear your podcast

Do you want more followers on Twitter? Do you wish your Instagram was more like InstaBLAM!? What if you could spend just five minutes a day and become a POWERFUL social media influencer attracting SIX FIGURE DEALS with some of the world’s top brands…

Just kidding. Normal Jon here, and I do not write like that, but it sure would be easy. I could do it in just five…. sorry.

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Buuut, social media is important for podcasters to get sorted. In fact, I tend to agree with Jack Rhysider that you should probably build a social media following before you put too much effort into promoting your podcast.

Do not fall in the trap of thinking your social media audience will grow after you make a podcast. It's the opposite! Your podcast will grow after you build your social media audience.

So today I have a piece about one way to build your following that definitely works. It requires some effort, but it produces results.

I put it up on our main publication behind the Timber for Podcasters email-walled area because it’s valuable.

If you don’t already have access to Timber for Podcasters, all you have to do is put in your email address and verify it. Basically what’s going on is that we treat that part of our website as the premium subscription area (even though it’s free) and we manage it with our own code instead of letting Substack handle it.

Here’s the link. Please read and share! Let me know if it’s useful—if you learned something.

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Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week.

—Jon Christensen